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Crowd funding - an alternative to bank funding for established companies.


Crowdfunding - the alternative to bank funding....

Banks are slow, cumbersome and failing businesses.  Lending to businesses may seem an odd concept (it's normally the other way round), but there is a great appetite on both sides. Consumers have warmed to peer to peer lending, and businesses have struggled to get loans from traditional sources. 

There are a lot of companies operating in the crowdfunding marketplace. Each operates as an online marketplace - there are no middlemen, no banks and no lengthy delay. 

It's quick and convenient,  with highly competitive rates and is independent from your bank.

One person lends to a lot of creditworthy and established businesses spreading their risk. One business borrows from lots of different individuals and can accept the lowest interest rate offers.

We can help by writing your funding bid - many bids fail because they are not professionally written and packaged. We have a corporate  banking veteran on our team  with 30 years experience to ensure that your bid is properly presented and so has the best possible chance of succeeding.

We operate on a no-win no-fee basis and if you would like more info on crowdfunding options please send me an email to