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Republic of Ireland - Innovation Grants

Republic of Ireland -  R&D Grants for your business

If you don't have the time to read anything else please just read the next couple of paragraphs.

Since 1995 Grants for Industry (GFI) has helped scores of companies in the UK - particularly in the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland & England - to secure  grant funding to develop innovative new products and processes.

These grants are awarded to SME's to fund research and development work that will lead to technologically innovative products or processes that have solid commercial potential.

GFI undertakes the entire application process on a no-win no-fee basis with an enviable 9/10 success rate.

A company based in the Republic of Ireland undertaking a good quality research & development project - and employing GFI to complete their application - has a near 9/10 chance of receiving a grant. The grant can be awarded against a variety of costs including salaries, overheads, IP costs, essential project related capital expenditure, subcontract costs, consultancy, testing and others.

R&D grant funding can be substantial - grants awarded typically range from £20,000 to £250,000 and beyond. The amount of support you may be awarded depends on the strength of the case that we are able to present.

Our 15 year track record and near 90% success rate in securing grant funding across the UK should give you confidence that we understand exactly how to package your application to best effect.

Use our “contact us” option to outline your project. I’ll email you back with a free no-obligation  assessment of your grant potential within 24 hours.