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Is Your Business Eligible for a Grant or Loan?

A New Research & Development (R&D) Innovation Grant launched for companies in the UK. 

Please be aware that these grants are NOT designed to fund general business development or new product launches that offer little in the way of technological advancement.  

This grant opportunity would be available to companies undertaking a complex research and development project that represents a technological step-change that offers substantial rewards.

These projects would be in important areas of science, engineering or technology.

The background to the grant release is that R&D grants are still perceived as “growth drivers” and this Government are clearly keen to incentivise R&D. 

These grants used to be called Grants for Research and Development (GRAND) and were managed by the Regional Development Agencies (RDA’s).  

They are now administered by the Technology Strategy Board. 

The Grant for Research and Development scheme will offer SME’s three types of grant:

  • Proof-of-market grants up to £25,000 will enable companies to assess commercial viability through, for example, market research, market testing and initial planning;
  • Proof-of-concept grants up to £100,000 will help companies to explore the technical feasibility and commercial potential of a new technology, product or process through, for example, a feasibility study, basic prototyping and specialist testing
  • Development-of-prototype grants up to £250,000 will be used by companies to develop a technologically innovative product, service or industrial process.  This might include small demonstrators, intellectual property protection, market testing and product design.

Use the "contact us" function at the top of the page to outline your project  and we'll get back to you with an assessment of its grant potential.