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C & W Holdings Limited

Manchester | Heavy Engineering


Selective Finance for Investment in England: £92,000
Selective Finance for Investment in England: £99,000

The Case

Since being introduced to Grants for Industry by their bank in 2007, C & W Holdings have retained Grants for Industry Limited on two occasions to obtain grant funding for companies within the group.

Assignment 1

The first assignment was in 2007. C & W Holdings, based in Manchester, had a subsidiary, Eaves Engineering Limited, in Hyde, Cheshire, some five miles away. Eaves had been acquired in 2005 and had since enjoyed a dramatic increase in turnover. However, the success of the company meant that it had reached its maximum practical output level due to restrictions in access and general facilities at its present location.

The Directors decided that the solution to the problems was to move the business to a vacant unit in Manchester, next to the other Group Companies, and at the same time purchase new plant and equipment – as the cost of this project was in excess of £650,000, the Company could not carry it out without grant assistance.

Grants for Industry prepared an application for a Selective Finance for Investment grant which was submitted to, and approved by, the North West Regional Development Agency. This resulted in a grant of £98,000, the company successfully carried out the move and the investment programme and an extra seven jobs were created as a result of the project.

Assignment 2

The second assignment was for another subsidiary, C & W Production Engineering Limited. This business is involved in Heavy Engineering and is one of only three in the U.K. with the ability to lift up to 100 tons – it is a unique company in terms of the type of engineering it is involved in and the size and weight of products it can process. It is one of very few companies worldwide that can process such large, heavy products.

The Company had contracts for the production of turbine generator beds for power stations – these are some 20 feet wide, 80 feet long and weigh around 90 tons, they were being manufactured by undergoing three separate processes and the company wished to speed up the production process by building a travelling gantry mill that would produce these in one operation.

The machine would be built in house, weigh around 200 tonnes and be 100 feet long and 30 feet wide and cost in the region of £500,000. The project would also create two jobs and protect eight.

After a successful application for a Selective Finance for Investment grant to the North West Regional Development Agency, a grant of £98,000 was awarded.