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Cussons Technology Limited

Manchester | Educational and Industrial Test Equipment


Research & Development: £204,000

The Case

Cussons Technology was founded in Manchester in 1872. It is one of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers of educational and industrial test equipment. Cussons operates in engineering training and education, marine hydrodynamics research and automotive research and development.
The company is the market leader in the design and manufacture of major hydrodynamic test facilities and associated force measurement instrumentation systems.
The company received an R&D grant in 2007. The overall aim of the project was to design an innovative dynamic calibration machine used to develop the new generation of propeller dynamometers that simulate the operating conditions in a hydrodynamic test facility.


Sales Director, Stephen Curtis believes that the company could never have secured the grant without GFI’s assistance:
“We decided that our time was best spent concentrating on business and letting GFI get on with the application. At that point we had wasted a lot of time looking at R&D grants in the past without any success. Their knowledge of the grants system is impressive.
They got straight to the point and pulled together the application quickly and efficiently – one important point was that they got to grips with the complex technical aspects of the case without wasting our staff’s time unduly.
A key aspect of their service was that they put together both the financial projections and the written submission. I would recommend them to anyone.”